I miss you and i want you back. I am just too afraid to show it.

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Sometimes it takes a painful experience to learn something important.
Sometimes it takes a rude awakening to realize who is real and who isn’t.
Sometimes it takes guts to hold onto things we hold dearly. But it also takes guts to walk away when you know you deserve more than that.

We all get upset when things don’t work out but we eventually accept it.
We all get sad when things fall apart, but we eventually will get back on our feet.

BUT it gets incredible infuriating to know that you are being lied to.
Especially if you are made to believe how genuine the other person could be.
But to find out everything turns out to be one giant lie. That is the last straw.
So let bygone be bygone.
These people are not worthy of anyone.
We all shouldn’t get too upset over such miserable people.

So time to move on. Life is so much better without them. :)

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All I want to hear is how you’ll change and make it all better. All you give me is a counter-point to all that i said.

Maybe I’m asking too much…

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I am either stupid or stupid because I always don’t say what i really want to say. But if you have any ounce of decency and respect for me, you would have told me the truth and not continue lying to my face.

Things could have been worked out. Lying leads to nothing!

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Things change…

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I am hoping that things will be like what it used to be … but i know it won’t … because i don’t want to go back … i wanna move forward … hopefully with you … if not without you … time waits for no one … so do the things that count the most …

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I asked a six year old
“Do you think a heart is capable
of breaking?”

Then the six year old said
“No I don’t think so because
hearts are inside.”

I wanted to be that six year old
at that moment.


Alexa Evangelista | innocence (via vodkakilledtheteens)

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I guess we’re done…

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Empty Promises.

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When you had so much inside but has no words to best and rightfully describe them all…

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