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Self-improvement: Be Patient…

Why is patience important?

To understand that, we need to look at the other side and ask, “What is impatience?” Impatience is on the anger continuum. First you have irritation, then impatience and then anger and, at the far end, rage. So, besides helping us reach goals, what is important about patience is that it keeps our anger turned off.

What do we gain by being patient?

Ultimately, patience allows us to act more mindfully and wisely. You get peace of mind when things are challenging, and you also have better relationships with other people — parents, kids, co-workers, spouse. Lord knows, patience is a quality we most need for high-functioning relationships. It allows us to hang in there and keep going, whether with a person or with a process, or in a business.

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WTF Bacon Tattoos?? These bacon lovers are getting it tattooed on their feet, arms, and …. head? http://liveisart.dailypix.me/delicious-bacon-tattoos


WTF Bacon Tattoos?? These bacon lovers are getting it tattooed on their feet, arms, and …. head? http://liveisart.dailypix.me/delicious-bacon-tattoos

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Not to be taken for granted…

It’s been a while since I write anything. The past 2 weeks been such a rollercoaster. Emotions is such a scary thing and expectations is even scarier.

For the first time in many years, I got to experience that intense emotions that is just waiting to explode like fireworks out of me. I could feel my body half died. I could feel my brain all messed up. My heart all crunched up. Finding out someone whom you trust “betrays” you intentionally or unintentionally was probably one of those things that we thought we knew how it felt but actually we don’t until it happened to us. I wasn’t able to handle it in the best way that I would hope for. But I lived through it and came out knowing that I’m stronger than before.

However, this is when I realized that second chances is so important. I really do believe in second chances because everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are not the end of everything but repeats are. Especially if the person whom we are giving it to is important to us and that it will benefit them and make them “change” and “realize” their mistakes so to not repeat and live their lifes knowing they eventually got it right. And we all came out of it stronger and closer than before.

Everyone who knows me know that I think too much and my brain is probably working at a lightning speed. It’s both my strength and my weakness. It protects me but yet it shields me from the possibility of a different outcome. I am generally independent. I am generally strong at heart. I generally do not need someone to make me feel loved and worthy.

With all that said, it’s relatively easy to please me especially if you are someone whom I care alot for. Little gestures always work on me. Of course big gestures work on me too. I really do not need perfection, all I need and want to see is effort. I do not need to be cared for and assured 24/7. But I do want to be asked and to be checked on randomly and not when things seem to go wrong because that spells “effort”.

I am learning to be more vulnerable. I am learning to open my heart. I am learning to accept. I am learning to trust. I am even learning to not be as negative. What I’m not prepared for is to be taken for granted. So when I’m down or worried, thats probably at the top of my head.

I want everyday to be like a first exciting day. I really hope that isnt too much to ask. Routine and going with the flow and getting used to things are what KILLS.

BUT I am glad that I get to experience all of these because THIS IS LIVING!!!

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"Maybe it’s time to accept instead of compromise or tolerate"

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